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"No matter what industry you are in, We are in. Let's play!!!"
We are looking for the Interns,are you interested???? Post your resume on intern@xlentinfotech.com.


We are new generation, leading software development and consulting company which provides high-quality, cost-effective and business critical solutions. Our innovative and creative quality business solutions which provides added value to clients' businesses. We help to boost their business beyond the imagination. We are working in Industrial automation, control systems and monitoring systems and support so for us
"No matter what industry you are in, We are in. Let's play!!!"

Delivering 1st class software solutions relies not only on producing the best software in the industry, it also involves developing long term post-sale relationships with clients. Much of our technical support, which our clients regard as the best in the industry, is provided by our highly experienced team of analysts. Their job is to keep clients productive through fast turn-around of technical questions, delivery of open, bespoke and advanced courses, running our very successful User Group Meetings and by working alongside clients on their projects.

The key to our success is our approach to software development, one which relies on close teamwork between a variety of disciplines: engineers to define the requirements, mathematicians to apply rigor and generality, and software engineers to implement robust and reliable code. The Circuit Board designed needs to apply the logic and check the quality of printed drives. Above all we recognise that productivity is essential for our clients - consequently we devote considerable effort to make our software robust, intuitive and user-friendly. All our products are fully compatible with leading Platforms and come with help files. This tuned approach results in highly productive software which allows engineers to focus on developing solutions rather than running software.

However, delivery of best-in-class software is only one part of what we do. A very important feature of our business is our ability to work with clients to enhance their productivity. Our team of analysts does this through a mix of technical support, delivery of courses, User Group Meetings and project support. This aspect of our work is highly regarded by our clients and is something that we consider an essential part of our business.

We hope that you will take the time to look for your requirements. If something catches your attention,then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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